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Who we are

Established in 1999, Hotels at Home is a global industry leader in hospitality retail services. As the first and largest provider of direct-to-guest retail programs, we originated the opportunity for hotels to stay top of mind through a branded merchandise program. This innovation offered guests their first opportunity to shop their favorite room amenities and furnishings to enjoy long after check out. It also provided hotels with a unique opportunity for more personal engagement with their guests.

Unlike other marketing agencies, we do it all for you. From daily operations to optimization, our in-house experts develop, market and manage your single, integrated e-commerce platform. We free you from the responsibility of managing a full-time retail operation, yet allow you to strengthen your relationship with guests by providing them with something truly special. Our distinct understanding of the hospitality business and ability to extend the concierge-level service that hotels deliver to their guests is what continues to set us apart.

Today, Hotels at Home continues to set the global standard for hospitality retail services. Knowing what it means to create lifelong guests, we have created custom retail programs for the world’s most renowned brands. We have service teams in North America, Europe and Asia to serve your guests and extend hospitality around the globe.